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One of the mistakes parents make when they learn their teenage son has been viewing pornography sites on his computer is to punish him by taking away his computer. This is a mistake, as it may send the message that sexual feelings and exploration are wrong and bad. Rather, as a parent your intent needs to be to instill a healthy view of sex and belief that sexual desire and exploration of sexual thoughts and feelings are healthy.

I have found that often mothers are concerned that their son either is or will become a sexual deviant and that his behavior is inappropriate. These reactions may sound like a stereotype, but I have found this as the typical reaction that mothers and fathers have when discovering their teenage son is viewing porn. I am here to tell you that it is very normal and healthy for a teenage boy to desire to look at naked bodies.

Males are visual, and teenage males experience physiological sensations that are normal and healthy. In addition, they are curious. So knowing that teenage boys like to look at naked bodies, what should a parent do? There are three parts of how a parent should address this issue. First, discuss with your teenage son that you saw that a pornographic site was saved in the history on the computer so you know that he accessed it. Assure him that is normal to want to look at these sites and perhaps experience sexually arousing feelings.

Dialoguing with your son in a nonjudgmental manner helps you to connect with him and make the point that sexual feelings are normal. Second, explain to your son that along with the normalcy of his desires, as a parent you recognize how spending time on the computer with sexually explicit and stimulating material can impact how the viewer may be influenced to view a sexual relationship in a way that may not be reality because of the fantasy images that are put on the site.

This discussion should include the exploration of the idea that an emotionally and physically safe, and healthy, sexual relationship may not be what is displayed on the site or is it? Further discuss that you understand there are different types of sites and wonder what he understands of the types teens male naked sites. Finally, discuss that you would like to team up with him to figure out together how not to let his albeit normal curiosity and interest negatively affect his personal growth and sexual health journey.

Specifically discuss that if he is going to look at porn again then what is a healthy plan to assure:. One of the teens male naked important things to keep in mind as a parent of a teenage boy is that boys often are very analytical and welcome philosophical discussion when you give them the opportunity. If you use the discovery that he is looking at porn as a opportunity to have a teens male naked with him about his thoughts and feelings, and co-create with him a healthy plan as to if and when he should look at porn and its impact, then it is much more likely that he will develop a healthy view of sex.

As a parent, you do not want to ignore this discovery since there are some teens for whom porn viewing can become a problem. Teen couple photo available from Shutterstock. See how mindful awareness and practicing gratitude together can heighten your sensitivity and resilience to life experiences. Your sexuality is a fundamental part of who you are.

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Teens male naked

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