Snapchat leaked usernames list

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Hackers exploited a ly disclosed vulnerability in the popular photo sharing application Snapchat and leaked 4. The site that was hosting the slew of information, SnapchatDB. For a short time yesterday the site allowed anyone to download all of the leaked data as either a SQL dump or CSV text file. Information about the site is sparse but according to whois. Representatives from the company failed to immediately respond to a request for comment Thursday.

From there some sleuths on Reddit were able to comb through the millions of phone s to deduce that the average Snapchat user has a better chance of not being on the list than being on it. The leaked phone s appear to be largely contained to North America and includes users from major cities across the United States Los Angeles, Chicago, Denver, etc.

What could prove to be quite the blunder for Snapchat is that the company may actually helped the hackers by suggesting how to create a database like the one that was leaked in the same blog post. The app was used by more than 8 million U. As a service to anyone who might be worried their information is out there, Gibson have put together a searchable, web-based tool that allows users to verify whether or not their data has been leaked.

A researcher scraped and archived public Parler posts before the conservative social networking service was taken down by Amazon, Apple and Google.

Snapchat leaked usernames list

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Snapchat leaked usernames list

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This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Author: Chris Brook. January 2, pm. Share this article:. It appears the hackers were able to do just that, just on a lesser scale. Suggested articles Researcher Builds Parler Archive Amid Amazon Suspension A researcher scraped and archived public Parler posts before the conservative social networking service was taken down by Amazon, Apple and Google.

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Snapchat leaked usernames list

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Snapchat leaked usernames list

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