Selfbondage ideas

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Selfbondage ideas

Install the app. Self Bondage ideas. Thread starter Pawan Start date Aug 22, You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Pawan Kink Talk Member. Nov 8, 31 18 8 I am alone 25 years old male. I have duct tape and some ropes. Can anyone suggest me selfbondage ideas? Selfbondage ideas can provide proofs if requires.

Apr 15, Do you have a vibrator or an electric toothbrush? And also selfbondage ideas film? Jul 31, 64 3 8. Jun 4, 24 2 3. Pawan said:. Click to expand Get naked or in just undies, pulled down low, tie legs to edges of bed spread wide, then tie other arm or duck tape other hand to other corner. Either use lose hand to edge self or rub through undies then keep edging, and maybe finish self off, or then have slip nit in other put hand in and pull.

MissKubo said:. A little game I have in mind, I've had another KT member try it but not got around to doing it with my husband yet, is to tape a vibrator, or the base of an electric toothbrush, to a cock, then create them a tight wrapping of clingfilm instead of boxer shorts, turn the vibe on and either tease them or have them watch a favorite porn video.

If they cum before the video is over, then they have to keep the clingfilm on over night, or while they do a job depending on your preferences it could be washing the dishes, vacuuming, or if you want to be adventurous you could now your lawn, wash your car or even go to the grocery store. I'm not sure duct tape is ideal for that though, PVC electric tape is better.

Selfbondage ideas

Depending on how much rope you have, you could maybe tie the top link of your chain to your cock so it will weigh heavily. The other end of the chain you can either fasten around your neck if you had a collar, selfbondage ideas else tie your ankles to it forcing you to hobble, and then selfbondage ideas could stay like that while you tidied up or washed dishes, something?

Reactions: BamaSwitch and The king. Sure MissKubo, thanks for replying, I will try this and will let you know the details with pictures. I do have electric pvc tape. I would like selfbondage ideas know, how many hours i can remain in bondage if applied. Thanks in advance. Reactions: Pawan. As long as you don't tape the vibe on too tightly, so you're not digging in and potentially cutting off circulation.

My friend who tried it on KT said he spent the night like that. Really, just try and stay safe, gauge how you feel and if you're worried at any time stop immediately. On monday i will try it and will give you report MissKubo. I m going to tie up myself for 1 hour. My legs will be tied up, my thighs will be tied up. And my hands will be tied behind back. I will have ankles tie up and one end of rope will be fasten around my neck.

After one hour completion,i will tie my hands to the shower for half hour. And then immediately i will bend over sometime and bind my hands behind my back for half hour. The position is like bending in T position. The detailed report i can share after 3 hours. I tied my ankles to my neck. Pretty happy with the success. Alarm was set for hour. Done successful and successful bondage.

Now my inner thighs are shivering and are having pain. Also back shoulder hurting because of holding hands behind back. Now i am tying my hands above my head and will try to remain in the position for half an hour. Also i m planning to attach toothbrush to the penis with pvc electric tape.

Sorry, i had power nap in between so my punishment skips. Now i will try to be in position for hour. I tied my hands above my head and to the roof. Also tape and toothbrush were attached to the penis as described. But after 5 minutes i had very intensed orgasm. The challange i created was for 1 hour, so tried to remove toothbrush with the help of legs. It took almost minutes. Also i was watching video of slaves doing their duty. So i can keep track of time. After 20 minutes i started to shivering as shoulders were in pain. So i tried to distract myself with the help of video.

Selfbondage ideas

After 40 minutes, i was very wet, sweaty and there was problem of breathing too. I was dehydrated. Also i pee myself as there was no option. After hour video ends and started to untie, but i thought i loose my hands, as i was not feeling any senasation. After untiying, i slowly take hands down.

Selfbondage ideas

Stood like that 5 min. And slept on floor in pee. Then i cleaned myself and floor, and went for sleep.

Selfbondage ideas

I was not in state to take any photo Now i am bending and touching toes for 40 minutes. I will try to post pics and will share my experience. Hello all, Hello MissKubo, I did 20 minutes bend and toes toes straight. Took 3 minute break and then again i had this position for 47 minutes.

So 1 hour 7 minutes i was in pose with selfbondage ideas min break only. I cant be stand straight, cant move legs, thighs having cramps and pain. But i loved it. I will listen if there are any creative ideas. You must log in or register to reply here. Share: Share Link.

Selfbondage ideas Selfbondage ideas

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