Kik mistress tumblr

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Kik mistress tumblr

This is a message for wives and girlfriends. Take a look at this blog and focus on the memes of women encouraging their men to have sex with other men. Read the comments other men use when they reblog them. It is nothing against women. Too many women think sex outside the bedroom must end in divorce when the opposite is true. But it only ends in divorce if it is done in secret and men cheat on you. When it is done in he open it would not only not destroy your marriage, but make it stronger and leat him to be much closer to you!

Allowing your husband to have gay sex with another man can actually improve your marriage. When a woman tells her husband she wants him to experience the pleasure of another man, especially when she says she wants to kik mistress tumblr present to hold his hand through it as he receives his first cock in his ass, she is telling him that she trusts him completely, that she wants him to experience wonderful sexual pleasure and that she loves him enough to let it happen.

The husband interprets this as an act of love. You love him and trust him and want the best for him. So be open to it. So think about it ladies. Consider it. Talk to your husband about it. Be open minded. Posts Likes Following Ask me anything Archive.

Kik mistress tumblr

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Kik mistress tumblr Kik mistress tumblr

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