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Joonwoo Choi has black hair and blue eyes, and is described to have girlish features, like his girl chatroom, by many characters of the series, especially Yoon Sungah. He wears his uniform during school, which consists of a blue blazer, pants, tie, and a white shirt beneath. When he's not in school, he wears casual clothes. Appearing at the start of the series as a timid, gloomy and lonely guy, Joonwoo Choi thinks of himself as an 'outsider' and rarely ever felt that he fit in with the others at his highschool. During the progression of the series, he is described as a selfless person, as he always goes out of his way to help the ones dearest to him.

He thinks he is useless when that is not the case. His random chat hobby led him to meeting a girl, Yoo Sungah, from his school and connecting with her, this connection le to many events unfolding throughout the series. We also see that he was bullied often at the start of the series by Lee Taeyang because of a misunderstanding that happened between them in middle school. Joonwoo is extremely weak at the start of the series but improves himself as the series progresses, leading to him being noticed by others, such as Hamin Park.

Even though he's not a powerful character, he always tries his best to help others albeit with less intelligent solutions leading to him gaining a few loyal friends throughout the manhwa. Lee Taeyang : Best Homie 1. Taeyang and Joonwoo used to be best friends with Joonwoo, but after a serious misunderstanding which ended horribly, the two eventually became enemies, with Taeyang beating up Joonwoo constantly. After they clear up that misunderstanding, they start to mend their relationship and are definitely on track to having the same bond that they once did : They're not on the best of terms right now, but even if they don't admit girl chatroom and cover it up by swearing at each other, they help each other out a lot, especially Taeyang showing up to help Joonwoo beat some thugs.

Much respect for Taeyang. Yuri Lee : Best Homie 2. Yuri used to be a girl who was constantly bullied for her weight and had low self-esteem.

Girl chatroom

Joonwoo met her while they were in cram school, took a liking to her because she seemed nice and gave him a bit of her snack while he was hungry, and they both became good friends. Yuri also met Taeyang during this time, and developed a crush on him. She was almost beaten up by Joonwoo's friends and Joonwoo stopped them. After that incident, she then again was beaten up badly by the same people, who caused a rift between Taeyang and Joonwoo.

Girl chatroom then transferred schools, and Taeyang didn't see her again until she transferred back, and looked so different that not even he was able to tell who she was. They quickly reconciled and became best friends again, supporting one another and helping each other out on many occasions.

Girl chatroom

Right before the showdown between Im Daehyung and Joonwoo, Joonwoo decided to reply back to a girl who was constantly texting him on random chat, even when he told her to back off many times. They quickly bonded over the girl chatroom that they were both loners, and after the showdown between him and Im Daehyun, he felt depressed and lonely, so he met Lila in person.

They quickly became good friends, with Joonwoo describing her as "his light" and the one that pulled him out of the darkness, especially now that he was determined to never see his friends again because he thought that they were only friends with him out of pity, which wasn't true.

However, he learned that she wasn't who she seemed she was, and she betrayed him when she went crazy over the fact that he wouldn't date her. She then got a bunch of thugs to beat him up, but then Tae yang and Yuri showed up. The police also came, and that was the last time he saw her until they reconciled.

They now maintain an interesting but more or less positive relationship. Yoo Sungah : Former Crush. Joonwoo met Yoo Sungah on Random Chat, an girl chatroom for people who want to text anonymously. He found out her true identity since they coincidentally went to the same school and were in the same class, but she didn't find out at that time. Sungah went up to him and said hi, but only because she texted him on random chat and asked whether she should go talk to that "loser", which was also him.

She does this many times throughout the story, calling him names to the anonymous person without her knowing that it's him that she's really texting. They quickly bonded and shared things that they had never shared with others. In-person Joonwoo helps her on numerous occasions, but Sungah never really seems to notice Joonwoo in person, only focusing and relying upon the anonymous person, who was also Joonwoo. She always thought that the class rep and the guy she had a crush on, Im Daehyun, helped her, but it was mostly Joonwoo.

Joonwoo also developed a crush on her, but she didn't like him back, however, this crush still caused tension between Joonwoo and Daehyun. Sungah began to notice and respect Joonwoo more after he helped her against some bullies after break, and they started to become friends, but after the nasty rumors that were spreading about them, he decided to cut ties with her for a while. The Girl from Random Chatting! Wiki Explore. Wiki Content. Jisoo Park.

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Girl chatroom

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Girl chatroom

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