Excessive cum story

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Oh Tommy had left such a mess on her. But to be honest most of it was in her. He just came so much, and even though she was uncomfortably full, she also felt proud. Her boy was quite the stud. No doubt this much seed would impregnate an entire sorority of coeds.

If he had the confidence to deal with them. She took a wet cloth to her face and breasts. Most of her makeup was truly ruined, and she frowned at that. Plus… she still felt just a bit uneasy about letting him use her… other place. But even unsteady on her feet the attentive mother did her best to correct herself. And finally she wiped her mouth clean, and reapplied a fresh coat of lip stick. She smiled into the mirror, a lovely display of matriarchal femininity. And with her robe closed up to just a bit of cleavage on display she left the restroom, then out of the master bedroom.

She passed by the restroom with the shower running and called in to her son. It was a shame she already had such a fully tummy, she was an excellent home cook. It was a wonder her boy was as skinny as he was! But she figured it all went to that monster between his legs, and the massive amount of splooge it could produce. And so tasty too, his mothers cooking had to be an excessive cum story there. She wondered occasionally about using it as a recipe… Just for her own consumption.

Maybe to share with some friends or co-workers. A bounce in her step and a slosh in her belly. Tommy came down the stairs with a grin on his still rather youthful face. She took a seat across from him, just sipping a bit of tea. His mother as sitting across from him, full… of his cum. He swallowed another bite, then grimaced just a bit.

His cock was getting hard again, and straining at his shorts. Of course she noticed the look. He got a bit more red and nodded. Then spoke in a quiet huskier tone. All of it, and just for you mom. Its the best part of my day, even better than your cooking.

Turning her back on her son. He looked at her and grit his teeth. His mom was so pretty. Excessive cum story and lovely, with amazing curves and massive perfect tits. But he wanted more. To break that last forbidden barrier. Approaching from behind he put his hands on her shoulders. Behind her, unknown to her, he pushed shorts down and let them fall.

His long and strong young arms reached under her own arms to take a plate, a cloth… and scrub them. She had on a robe, her body was covered. He still wanted her fiercely. And as she was distracted he put down the plate and cloth, and his soaking wet hands grabbed at her chest.

Excessive cum story

He moaned into the back of her neck. She loved it. And she let him keep fondling her large chest. Till finally he let go, gripped her robe and pulled it back roughly. He pulled it off her shoulders, down her arms, and yanked it aside before tossing it back on the kitchen counter. And then she really felt it. His hot, hard, massive girth pressing between her legs. Her thick meaty thighs had no thigh gap to speak of at her age, and he ground his cock between them in a ecstatic frenzy. Oh baby. She pushed him back some and whirled. The boy coming face to face with his naked mother.

Her heavy full breast hung down, sprinkled with freckles. Her hips were wide and rounded perfectly, ready to bearor take a thorough and deep breeding. Her stomach was soft with a bit of pudge normally, she hated it. But he loved it, and now it was even more apparent, just a bit distended by his earlier cumshot. And between her legs was the soft bush of her sex, and she knew it was wetter than it appeared now, as she worked hard to resist the urge to push a finger into herself… she really wanted something else, something much larger.

And he was equally on display. Her son was like a more perfect form of the husband she had lost years ago. He was on the thin side, skinny with a wiry strength. A long thick cock of immense proportions and girth. Thick and long with a fat swollen head of a pink and dark purple hue. And even now it was so hard it angled up to brush against her stomach, thick globs of precum began to push out of the tip and smeared on her smooth belly.

She wanted it bad, she wanted it in her mouth, between her tits, and feeding her more. Excessive cum story wanted to love and worship that cock. But he shocked her by grabbing her arms stiffly. I do want your mouth though. Her red lips pushed against his, and they both opened and tongues came to taste each other. His hands groped her body as he did, as was his right. He fondled her fat tits, and squeezed her round ass. And all the while his fat needy cock ground between them. She had managed to see herself as just the needed help. Her poor socially crippled son had great needs!

So if she, as a loving mother needed to drain his balls… If she needed to put on some more risque make up to help him relax. Or perhaps wear less clothing so as to not make a mess of it. Oh, her panties? Well, she made a mess of those by herself everything she wrapped her lips around his tool. But this kiss was too far! She remembered seeing a similar connection going out from her mouth to his tip earlier. She watched her son lick excessive cum story lips, and smile at his mother.

He looked very different there, so much more confident. A part of her caught on that, maybe this… was very good for him. Maybe mommy could help him grow confident this way? Or maybe her cock drunk mind was just excessive cum story desperately for any half decent excuse to give in. She kept her eyes up, staring at the ceiling as her will evaporated. He met her with a look of honest shock and wonder. His head started to bob loosely, then sped up in a rapid nod. How bout this. The milf gave a small squawk of surprises as her son lifted her onto the counter behind her and spread her legs.

Excessive cum story

He actually took a step back and just looked at her. His mom was soft and plump in the best way. He knew she lacked confidence but he always saw her as a wonder. Her heavy full breasts, the soft stomach that even now was full of his cum, and her wide hips down to thick thighs.

And between the bush covered her pussy. His eyes focused on her entrance, and his mother, she reached down with two fingers and spread herself for him. The woman was panting hard as he pressed the swollen leaking tip of his cock to her entrance.

Excessive cum story

He should have gone a bit slower, but he did not have the self control for that. And with a lusty grunt the young man drove himself into his own mother. Tommy answered with panting moans and thrust in deeper before beginning to fuck his mother in a almost mindless frenzy. And as he said it her face lifted up, a silly drunk smile on her face. She could breath clearly and take a little vaginal abuse because her son was feeling soooo goood… For him? For her? Fuck your mommy! Her bottom pushed to the edge of the counter and his balls actually hitting it slightly as he drove in and felt her legs wrap around him.

Her words faded into just moans and whimpers as her plunged her depths. Her nails dug into his shoulder, his back unthinkingly. Tommy grunted, reset his feet, then went even faster. His mothers mouth went open as he hit her from a different angle her orgasm rolled into another one. He watched her struggle to stay looking at him, her eyes kept rolling back. The young man was breathing hard through a wide grin, he was doing it, he was fucking his mother, and making her cum her brains out!

She let out a cry and he felt his own orgasm cumming rapidly. Oh Gawd! The eager milfs eyes went wide, she could feel excessive cum story. Oh Jesus, she could feel his cum, so hot, flooding her insides. Her mouth hung open and a bit of drool excessive cum story down her chin. His cock ran home in a a couple short staggered thrusts as his orgasm took over and made his entire body shake. Some of that last thrusting was less that, and more just hip spasms. Excess cum flooded her tunnel and leaked out around his cock. It dribbled down his balls and and started to the pussy juice his sack has dribbled across the cupboard and floor.

Excessive cum story

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