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Organized a little over a year ago, the committee — chaired by former CFL official Henry Chiu — has been discussing the state of amateur officiating in Canada, and forming action plans on how to increase diversity and inclusion across the board, building a pathway from entry level officiating, all the way to the Canadian Football League.

A post shared by Lakeshore Football Officials lakeshorefootballofficials. Inthe league saw its first-ever female officials work a pre-season game in Calgary. For years, Hackwood says, lamentably, the lack of diversity in professional candidates had been institutionally met with a bit of a shrug.

Among those helping to solve the problem is committee member Eric Gyebi, a native of Philadelphia whose family came to Canada when he emily grey snapchat seven, settling in the Greater Toronto Emily grey snapchat. Now 32, Gyebi is an active official, entering his 10th season in stripes, having started out with the Lakeshore Football Association, based in Burlington, Ontario.

He wants to take that final step into pro football, and he wants to assist other people of colour in getting into and progressing towards the top levels of officiating. He can see no better way than to be a visible example that others can look to as he actively takes part in recruiting for the Lakeshore Football Officials Association. Madill is currently on the executive of the British Columbia Football Officials Association, and enjoyed a year career as an on-field official that began in Medicine Hat, Alta. Madill, who got involved in officiating by making the jump from being a spectator, knows that there is now a pool of female candidates who will come from already being directly involved in the game.

Pontbriand is an example of an ex-player transitioning into a different football role. She believes that the Amateur Officiating Diversity and Inclusion Committee can have a real effect on changing the face of officiating in Canada. And flag football here in Quebec is really, really big.

Hackwood sees the process of reaching a place where the pro ranks are more diverse as taking some time, pointing out that it can be a good five or six years before a good official makes it to the elite level. But he is determined as well. As well, Hackwood says that the national governing body of tackle, touch, and flag football — known as Football Canada — is developing its own diversity and inclusion initiatives and that the CFL will be very supportive of those programs.

These programs will, by no means, amount to a sort of easy-pass kind of path towards a career in the CFL. Both Madill and Gyebi agree on all candidates being subjected to a level playing field, so long as they share the very important traits of wanting to be a top-flight official, displaying a good work ethic and a dedication to excellence. There are, no doubt, countless dreamers out there who have the same kind of passion that Karen Madill has always had, the kind that Eric Gyebi has as well. The CFL is now taking steps to ensure they all get the same, equitable opportunities to turn their passion into a dream fulfilled.

As for his own future as an official, Gyebi makes it crystal clear that he is eyeing a job in the ranks of CFL officials. This season is crucial for me in terms of getting back up to speed. I think it will show. You get noticed that emily grey snapchat. CFL Network. BC Lions. Oetker Highlights. CFL Draft. Don Landry CFL. View this post on Instagram. Karen Madill and Eric Gyebi work to diversify the ranks of football officiating. Get all the top stories from across the league delivered to your inbox.

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Emily grey snapchat

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