Best literotica stories

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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. Whether you are a newbie or experienced Literotica inhabitant, it's very easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of stories. When I first started visiting this site, I had absolutely no idea where to start. The stories on the top lists have been criticized as being products of a popularity contest, so I have ignored ratings completely when compiling this list.

Best literotica stories

What I have not ignored is my gut positive response that reading a good story inevitably brings. The works I have chosen are technically well written, but also offer that extra added something that is difficult to put in words. They have made me laugh out loud, dance around the room, sob hysterically, and contemplate life. They have poked and prodded and bruised and bullied until I finally yielded to their greatness.

In the following list, I have picked one story from ten I read frequently. I have tried very hard to be as objective as possible and avoid personal prejudices. But, we are all different and I cannot guarantee that all these marvelous tales will float your boat. Take this as one reader's love letter to ten relative strangers that have made a difference in his best literotica stories Literotica is indeed lucky to have the extremely talented Doormouse on its roster.

She writes with an intensity that is blinding at times. The poignancy, eloquence and raw emotion herein is rarely to be found on Literotica. You will be sweating after this one! This is one of those stories that suck you in immediately. I simply had to finish it in one sitting, despite the length. So while there is a slow buildup here, the actual sex scene is quite long and amazingly erotic. I love the details about the protagonist, right down to the comic books he likes.

A "feel good" story that gets you in the gut Anything by this author is well worth a read, but Spark is "the best of the best. CarsonShepherd writes the hottest sex scenes around, yet his stories are so much more than pure porn. There is heartfelt emotion that the reader can easily relate to, gay, bi,or straight.

Highly recommended to everyone! Whether you are an experienced writer or a neophyte about to submit a new story, I consider this submission to be absolutely essential reading. In clear, easy to read language, the author gives very practical suggestions that cannot help but improve your writing. I have read this over at least ten times, and find something different to concentrate on during each go-around. This is rolling best literotica stories the floor hysterical, by far the funniest story I've read in Humor and Satire.

In "short", Coolville shows us what stories in various Literotica would be like if they were only a sentence or two. Absolutely original, extremely clever, and will give you enough chuckles for days. I read this whenever I am feeling a little down, and it never fails to lift my spirits immediately!

Best literotica stories

In a lean, spartan style, the very talented JtMalone70 le the reader through a long yet extremely rewarding journey that is best described as "soft porn. JtMalone gives Incest a dignity and respect I wouldn't have thought possible. Reading this offering is like contemplating a exquisite gem under a light Very strongly recommended! More romantic than anything in the Romance category, this heartbrakingly beautiful tale about love in Venice is a real treasure.

The illustrations are out and out gorgeous, especially the blue cathedral at the end. Perdita has other fascinating stories as well, but amply shows that "less is more" with this offering. For the simple, poignant expression of best literotica stories, Naked Joy cannot be beat! Anything Colleen Thomas touches turns to gold, but this 48 karat treasure is her masterpiece. Notice how effortlessly the author, in a few well chosen phrases gets the reader immediately involved in the story. She then slowly tightens the screw with a torrid sex scene that is sure to please, before returning the roller coaster to the ground with a breathless ending.

Best literotica stories

This story is proof that Lesbian stories need not be of the "where's the beef? The beef is all here, and it is a filet mignon cut. Thank you, Colleen for gracing Literotica with your genius! Cookie Jar continues to amaze and delight with each new offering. Such is the power of this piece that the main item of interest, a letter by a father to his daughter, is never actually opened and read!

Along the way, Cookie Jar offers fascinating details and keeps the reader fully engaged until the novel ending. This story is absolutely riveting and something to covet like the letter it describes. Bravo, Cookie!

Best literotica stories

Last but most assuredly not least, is this stunning piece by the multifaceted husband and wife team "Bearlee". Absolutely a must read for anyone that has lost an important male figure in their life, having few equals in sheer beautiful prose that is a delight to read.

There are many great offerings in the Non Erotic section, a category that is unfortunately neglected at Literotica. I suggest starting with this lovely thought provoking tale which will shatter, then reconstruct you as a changed person!

I could easily review twenty-plus more stories in the remainingbut just as a box of chocolates is to be savored, start with these exquisite concoctions, one delicious tale at a time. Feel free to leave public comments with your own favorites.

One can't possibly read everything at Literotica, and often word of mouth so to speak! How about this story called "Kissing my Angel Goodbye", it's painfully tragic. I wish it had a happier ending since I'm a diehard romantic but it's still amazing! I've read most of the stories on your list and can agree that they were all well written though privately not my own favorites.

I do agree that your Little Candle Girl should go as an all time favorite. I do love your style of critiquing stories and really enjoy when you do mine. And I love reading yours. Thanks Best literotica stories. Log In Up. Explore New Story. Live Webcams Models Online Now! See all models online at LitWebcams. Swipe to see who's online now! The Ten Best Stories on Literotica. Story Info. Share this Story. Font Size Default Font Size. Default Font Spacing. Default Font Face. Detect Automatically. Default Theme White. Erotic Horror- M.

Illustrated- Naked Joy by Perdita More romantic than best literotica stories in the Romance category, this heartbrakingly beautiful tale about love in Venice is a real treasure. Happy reading, Sack. Please rate this story.

Best literotica stories

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Best literotica stories

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Best literotica stories

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