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Top definition. A phenomena that happens to a computer's keyboard when a human being is bored to death Bored to death in a cube a human decides to type qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm all the keyboard buttons in an orderly way to a search engine to see what comes up. Then finds definitions for it and then adds a new one Jul 22 Word of the Day.

Short for ultimate bias. Typically used by fangirls and fanboys to describe their favourite celebrity amongst the many that they are fans of.

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G-Dragon is my ult. What people do when they are supposed to be typing an important essay for asdfghjklqwertyuiopzxcvbnm qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm big part of their grade. Because Johnny was typing qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm instead of his essayhe is going to be screwed. May 29, A mysterious coincidence that happens when a typists is so bored that they type all letters in the keyboard from left to right. Most of the time, they type this into a search engine such as google, yahooInternet Explorerect.

Typist : Im soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bored Goes on Google and types qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm. When you are so bored at school bc it blocked all good gaming sites so you asdfghjklqwertyuiopzxcvbnm qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm this in. Since there's nothing to do I'm going to " Qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm " and see if I can get voted one! This happens when you are bored to tears or stressed out. A person who is bored or stressed. Qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm people are extremely boredor, on occasion, are stressed out. That qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm needs some respite from that drama.

When people are extremely board they type in all the letters on there keyboard form top to bottom usually onto platforms such as google, bungor yahoo.

Asdfghjklqwertyuiopzxcvbnm qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm

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Asdfghjklqwertyuiopzxcvbnm qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm Asdfghjklqwertyuiopzxcvbnm qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm

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