Coronavirus taking a toll on Chinese restaurants in New York

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Coronavirus taking a toll on Chinese restaurants in New York

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You have no business down there

Postby Mazulkis В» 21.10.2019


Head over to Vascalir in the Rookgaard Academy and ask him for a mission. He will tell you about how the evil Orc Shaman Kraknaknork is trying to take over Rookgaard.

Vascalir wants you to load two catapults with the stones found in the barn. Accept the mission he presents to you. When you have accepted the mission, go to the barn just north of Tom 's shop.

In the basement you will find piles of stones. Use a pile and you will obtain a Heavy Stone. Take that heavy stone to any of the four destinations: one on Norma 's roof, one on Obi 's roof, and two on the roof of the academy.

You will get 5 experience for each stone you load onto the catapault. Note that you can't use the stone twice in succession, so you should do it one by one, taking two trips to the barn.

Once you have two stones loaded onto the catapults, return to Vascalir. You will receive a Studded Shield. It's hunting time! Ask Vascalir for another mission. Vascalir wants you to go into the sewers and kill 5 Rats. The closest sewer grate can be found in the center of town, just south of the academy. Note: You can check your quest log to track your progress. It will tell you how many you have killed. Vascalir has directed you to Lily 's store. Head to the temple and follow the road south-west.

You should come across Lily's store, ask her for a mission. Lily will tell you about Hyacinth , and old potion brewer who can't make his way to the village anymore. She asks that you deliver some herbs to him so that he can brew more potions. Head north to the bridge leading out of the town. Once you cross the bridge, follow the dirt track east until you hit a rocky mountain. Walking along the side of the mountain, you will come across a ramp inside the mountain. Go up until you find Hyacinth.

Note: don't forget to search the box behind Hyacinth! It contains 5 Brown Mushrooms. Go to Vascalir and ask him for another mission. He says he may have found a possible way to trap the orc shaman. He requests that you obtain a sample of the Spider Queen 's silk here. He warns you that you can't possibly take her on, but he explains that the queen detects its prey by strong olfactory stimulation. He suggests finding a way to block her senses by covering yourself in grease.

Head to the spider lair to the north passed the bridge to the west. The lair is marked on your minimap. Go down all the way until you see blue rocks. Use a rock and you will gain temporary invisibility. You have two minutes to find a spider web and use it. One can be found very close to the stairs, on the wall a little to the west. If you fail to leave within 2 minutes, the spider queen will chase you down and wrap you a web. You will then be taken to a giant web.

Free yourself by walking very slowly to the hole just to the south. You must then repeat the step above until you leave with the silk properly. Vascalir has told you to see Tom the Tanner as he may be able to equip you with a pair of Boots. Go to Tom and ask him for a mission , he will tell you that he can craft you a pair of boots, but you must supply him with ingredients.

He insists that you not wear shoddy boots like those made from Rat leather, rather, he wants you to go to a Wolf den for some War Wolf hide. He informs you about a poacher who frequents the wolf den, and says you should get some leather from the war wolf that he kills. Head to the war wolf north-east of Rookgaard. Go in the cave and search the dead human.

The dead poacher will carry a skinning knife, and plans have now changed to skin the wolf yourself. Head deeper in the cave and skin the dead war wolf. You will hear sounds by wolves in the distant, now it is time to run! Hurry east you are hasted by 90 levels before the wolves catch you you will never see wolves, but you have a time limit to reach the ramp to the east.

He says that while you were gone the trolls have infiltrated the academy and set it on fire. Now you will go down at academy and find the Library Vault. You will see a Quest door Red pommel , go through the door and head downstairs.

Go to the north-west, where you must use a Destroy field rune that is on a table unlimited uses on a fire field to reach a Blue Chest box.

Use the chest to obtain the Book of Orc Language and return to Vascalir. Vascalir wants you to pay Paulie a visit. Go to Paulie in the Academy, use his services and deposit any amount of money.

He will add 50 gold to your balance for doing this the first time. Vascalir sents you to the troll cave north of town, at the ruins. There you should make sure the cave dug by the trolls that leads to the library vault will colapse. Enter the troll cave and follow the path that's leading west you will face young trolls on the way. This is the new dug cave. Go down two levels and get a Pick and leather legs from the chests. Now you need to weaken five beams.

You can do this by using the pick on them. All five of the beams are in this room. When you weakened all of them, get out of the cave. Once you are up one level, the cave below collapses. Return to Vascalir. He will reward you with 50 experience points and a Brass Helmet. Vascalir wants you to search the sarcophagi in the graveyard for a fleshy bone.

Leave Rookgaard from the north bridge and head south-east. Once you find the graveyard, go into the dungeon the stairs can be found in the building. Once there, head north-east, enter the quest door and search for a Sarcophagus one you might find in Ankrahmun Tombs.

In another coffin on the way you can find a small health potion and there is a box near the ramp with five brown mushrooms. He will reward you with experience points and a sword. Vascalir wants you to get a sample of the poison of a wasp. This should be the last thing necessary to weaken Kraknaknork. He gives you a bottle in which you can store the poison. Take the north exit from town again, over the bridge.

Head to part west of the river and take the southern ramp down. Follow the road to the west untill you see a tower. This tower is filled with wasps. Just kill one and use the bottle Vascalir gave you on the body of the wasp once he is dead.

Return with the filled bottle to Vascalir and he will reward you with xp and a Brass Shield. Get the bag with the tools you need in the blue Chest near the Bank in the basement.

Go to the orc fortress very close to the Wasp Tower you went to earlier. You cannot enter the orc fortress, you will need a disguise. With your rolling pin , head around the back of the fortress where you find a Peeing Orc.

Hit him with the rolling pin to steal his disguise. Now enter the front of the fortress before the disguise wears off. Once you are in, head to the north where you will find an Elite Orc Guard.

The elite orc guard is now distracted and you may go down the ladder he was guarding. Once in the orc dungeon, find Kraknaknork 's cauldron and use the flask of wasp poison on it. This will weaken the boss though this step is mandatory.

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Re: you have no business down there

Postby Vojinn В» 21.10.2019

You can help TibiaWiki by expanding it. Player: yes Vascalir : You can find the vault if you go down the stairs in the northern part of the academy. There, you will determine your future - which I'm sure bksiness a bright one.

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Re: you have no business down there

Postby Momuro В» 21.10.2019

Source hi Vascalir : Playerthe time of our triumph has come. Good luck finding that poacher and figuring out a plan to take those skins! This is the new dug cave. I found their tunnel in the northern ruins.

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Re: you have no business down there

Postby Goltilmaran В» 21.10.2019

Vascalir must have sent you to help me with a little mission, right? You can load each catapult only once, so try spotting all four click here catapults. You'll find a rolling budiness, the fleshy bone, the wasp poison and a tarantula trap. Player: yes Vascalir : Well done, this bone is exactly what I needed!

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Re: you have no business down there

Postby Yom В» 21.10.2019

Go in the cave and search the dead human. See you soon! Events buisness for March are down 75 percent over last year, Leo told Side Dish. To go there, exit the village to the north and walk north-east.

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Re: you have no business down there

Postby Tygogar В» 21.10.2019

Truman Lam, the third-generation owner of Jing Fong, which was founded by his grandfather insaid he had previously expected to be a bumper year following a long period of instability due to rising rent and employment costs. See more Vascalir send you to me for a mission? Thank you!

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Re: you have no business down there

Postby Kazibei В» 21.10.2019

The tarantula trap will come in handy if you meet a guard who might seem simply too fast for you. They have no business and even the ones that are open have more staff than diners. Are you ready? It's hunting time! And remember to be busness

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Re: you have no business down there

Postby Samurisar В» 21.10.2019

Let me give you something for your efforts - you deserve it. So don't worry budiness you're out of breath now - you won't always be that slow. Kraknaknorkalthough weakened, can pack quite a punch.

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Re: you have no business down there

Postby Kigatilar В» 21.10.2019

Also, open the trunk which is to the south-west of the kitchen bsiness get 2 more small health potions. I have to do some preparations, but as reward for your great work, I have a shiny new weapon for you. Vascalir : The only problem is - to get it, you need to get close to a wasp, kill it and extract some poison from its dead body.

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